5 Top tips for better sleep away from home

Jumping into a comfy bed, closing your eyes and falling asleep sounds like a dream, but it's not as easy as it sounds and even harder when you're away from home. It doesn't matter whether you're sleeping in a 5-star hotel, at a friend's or family member's house, falling asleep and have a comfortable night's sleep in a bed that's not your own is, for some, near enough impossible.

Whatever the reason you're away, from business to pleasure, the last thing you need is a bad night's sleep - so why not try one of these top tips for getting some decent shut-eye when you're out of your comfort zone and away from home.

Keep to the same routine

At home, you will have established a bedtime routine, possibly without even realising it. There will be particular things you do before your head hits the pillow, for instance, you may change into your pyjamas make a cup of tea and then read a book in bed, or perhaps you use the bathroom and then watch television while you slowly drift off. Whatever your routine is, sticking to it when you're away from home indicates to your body it's time for bed.

Be prepared

If you know you will be sleeping away from home prior to it happening then being prepared can definitely improve any sleep you'll have. Surrounding yourself with familiar items will offer a sense of security which helps you to fall into a relaxed sleep. So don't forget to pack your usual teabags, your favourite book and even better - your pillow.

Sleeping Aids

Falling asleep may not be a problem but having a decent night's sleep might be an issue. When you're trying to sleep away from home, you'll start to notice all the annoying little things like the noise from the traffic in the street, the hum of the appliances or even the stray bit of light peering through the window. Taking earplugs and a sleep mask can make your stay more satisfying.

Try to relax

Relaxing before bed means you'll be able to sleep much better. Everyone relaxes in different ways, such as meditation, listening to calm music and reading or even drinking camomile tea or surrounding themselves with lavender scented products. Whatever you do to relax, why not try it out before climbing into that unfamiliar bed?

Stop over-thinking it

The more you think about falling asleep, the less likely it's going to happen. One major reason people have problems sleeping is due to stress, and when sleeping away from home, it can be an added issue. Whether it's about your travel plans, business or family drama, keeping calm and clearing the mind is essential. If you can't relax. then prepare. If work thoughts are running through your mind keep a paper and pen next to the bed or go check your suitcase is fully packed. If you still can't sleep get up and find a distraction before settling back down again when you start to feel more relaxed.

There's no reason you shouldn't be able to sleep away from home when you follow the tips above - which one works best for you?