Takeout without the guilt - What to order where

Whether you live a healthy lifestyle, you're trying out a new diet or just wanting to make a few healthier choices, finding something tasty, healthy and satisfying can prove difficult. Making the right choices doesn't always keep us happy or motivated - we're all human and either indulging in something we really fancy or getting home too tired and too late to start cooking can really derail a diet.

But, does it have to? One of the main reasons takeout is considered unhealthy is how the food is cooked, and due to some of the added ingredients, but there are plenty of options out there so that you can eat delicious and satisfying foods you don't have to cook yourself without worrying about the impact on your eating plan. Here, we take you through a few options that you may want to consider if you're trying to make your takeout guilt-free.


Seafood is often considered a healthy option and an excellent source of protein, so sushi is a winner. You can make your portion bigger by adding vegetables or salad but try not to overindulge on too much rice. Japanese style soups are also healthy and appetising.


As much as curries are enjoyable, many are also very high in fat due to many of them having full fat cream as an ingredient so try and go for a tomato based sauce where possible. Also, it is best to opt for meats that are less fatty, such as chicken or fish rather than lamb. Swap the deep-fried samosa for some chicken tikka pieces, the naan for a chapatti and stick to boiled rice.


Again, with Chinese step away from anything deep fried - although we all love a spring roll there are much better options such as steamed starters. If you want rice stick with boiled, it contains far fewer calories than egg-fried rice. Chinese take outs have a great selection of fish and vegetable dishes so why not choose king prawns or vegetable stir-fry. Soup is also a good option, such as chicken and sweetcorn.


Pizza can be made into a great healthier choice by making a few changes to your order. Forget deep-pan, stuff crusts, and extra cheese. Why not order a classic thin crust pizza and top it with your favourite vegetables? If vegetables aren't your thing why not ham and pineapple or tuna and sweetcorn? They will contain much less fat than a meat feast!